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TRITON Lisboa race format allows for spectators, friends and family to get closer and stay closer to the action and cheer on the athletes.

The Venue is the first spectator destination, right next to the finis-line and transition zone, spectators are able to watch all the action as athletes finish there last minute bike set up and jump in the water.

The bike is the second opportunity to catch the action, in particular, next to the turn around pint / aid station.

Last but certainly not least, the run course. Here spectators have several alternative, the turn around points, the aid stations, and finally, the most watch point of all, the finish line.

To better understand the location, pulse take a look at the course and maps on our menu bar.

We ask of you not to interfere with the action and stay away from the courses as an accident might ultimately take of the race, the athlete you are cheering for, and or, innocent spectators.




TRITON Lisboa has always had a great and lively expo that is right next to the finish line.

At the expo you will find our partners, street food and entertainment for kids.

Please join us at the expo on Friday afternoon from 3 pm to 7 pm and all day on race day, Saturday.

Say hello to the merchants, enjoy some food, and buy a TRITON branded souvenir.

The Race Village and expo is the number one place to meet, mix and mingle with everyone.

Praia Três Irmãos – Caniço


Doca dos Olivais, the artificial lake where the swim venue is located, is quite an amazing site and home to Europe’s largest Aquarium. 

The water stays calm and the water temperature stays around 18º celsius to 20º celsius.

The swim is a wetsuit legal race. 

Portimão Race track - Foia


The bike is course is “made for speed”.

While the first 2.5 km – 3 km are trough the main streets of the race venue, the rest of the course and most of it is on 100% closed to traffic highway with 3 larges lanes going out and back in.


While it is not possible to follow athletes in to the highway, it is possible to see them going by the aid station ant the bike turn around.

For about 4 hours you will have inempterrcmped bike action that you can follow and cheer.

Make athletes feel special and give them an extra boost of energy while you make some noise.

Portimão Village


The best for last? You’ll be the judge of that. The run starts and finishes at the Village of Portimão Marina, a place very spectator friendly and sure to have lots of people cheering you on all the way from start to finish.

The run course will take you over the “passadiços” (wooden walkways) of Praia da Rocha, the huge beach stretching for over a kilometre and sheltered by attractive, craggy cliffs in warm colours is the reason why Rocha Beach is one of the best-known beaches in Portugal and a top choice among summer holidaymakers. Practically the whole beach is crisscrossed by walkways, alongside which there are many different support infrastructures for beachgoers, including a sports area.

Upon the seafront avenue, there is a succession of hotels, bars, open-air cafés discos and a casino, all eventually leading up to Portimão Marina and providing an array of tourist activities that bring added colour and complement the entertainment on the beach.

But it doesn’t end there the run will take you past, Três Castelos to the west all the way to Praia da Vau, running over the cliffs and past Santa Catarina Fortress at the entrance to the harbour on the River Arade. Both afford fabulous panoramic views over the coastline between Ponta João d’Arens and Ponta do Altar.





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