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TRITON Portimão is a three days triathlon event separating the disciplines per day and allowing you to go all out each day. The swim takes place on Friday afternoon, the bike on Saturday morning and the run on Sunday morning.

All TRITON events, three distances that we call SHORT, MIDDLE and LONG.

The Portimão race has the following distances / options:

  • SHORT – 1.2 k swim, 30k bike, 7 k run
  • MIDDLE – 2.4 k swim, 60k bike, 14 k run
  • LONG – 3.6 k swim, 90k bike, 21 k run

For all distances participants have the options to race individually or as a team, or, to register individually for all, two or one of the competitions in each of the days.

Are you a more advanced swimmer, cyclist or runner and want to try the other disciplines but on a different distance? No worries, you can, register one by one, meaning, do 3 registrations, and this way you will be registered for all the days mixing and matching the distances as you prefer.

Mind you, that only when you chose one of the full races, SHORT, MIDDLE, or LONG, you will be part of the series and eventually qualify for a finals event when it happens.


Bib number, race stickers, tattoos, swim cap, changing clothes bag, athlete’s wrist band, extra goodies from partners and sponsors.


Individual finisher medal are awarded only to those who finish (in the end you can put all 3 medals together to form the Mandala).

Finisher t-shirt. TRITON finisher t-shirt is unique and given only to those who finish one of the three distances. Each distance has a special color and identity across all TRITON events across the globe. Finisher t-shirts for those who register individually for each competition is not a TRITON finisher t-shirt but rather a competition finisher t-shirt, TRITON SWIM, TRITON BIKE and TRITON RUN.


Is quite unique and serves as a case to display your finisher medals and is awarded to the TOP 5 Female and Male of each distance. You may however, purchase a similar display for you medal when you register. In this case, the place will only feature the TRITON logo and serve as a display for your medals.


Every participant gets individual or team splits per sport and ranking within the sport and day. Only TRITON finishers for one of the distances, get the overall result and TRITON Ranking.

All participants receive race entries with registration and aid stations for every competition.


At TRITON 3, the winner is decided by a points scoring system, the athlete with less points when we add the results of all three days. This allows for all disciplines to have equal weight in the final result, ultimately, showing who the more balanced athlete at all disciplines is, meaning, the “true” best triathlete. 

At TRITON 3, the first Athlete to finish each sport gets 1 point, second, 2 points, third 3 points and so on. The Athletes with less points is the winner.


3.6 KM + 90 KM + 21 KM



2.4 KM + 60 KM + 14 KM



1.2 KM + 30 KM + 7 KM




SWIM (distances and divisions to be announced soon)
RUN (distances and divisions to be announced soon)


1.2 KM|2.4 KM|3.6 KM



30 KM|60 KM|90 KM



7 KM|14 KM|21 KM




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